Small gas spring that saves weight and space

18/02/2013 Lesjöfors are well-known in the automotive aftermarket as the market-leading producer of suspension springs. But did you know that Lesjöfors specialise in all areas of spring production, encompassing flat strip components such as those used in mobile phones and computer technology, to super-alloy compression springs for the offshore industry.

Lesjöfors have extensive experience producing gas springs and consistently prioritise technological developments in the field. The Lesjöfors gas spring range is unique in its scale and known for its diversity, allowing our industrial gas springs to be used in almost every industry.

Lesjöfors are proud to announce a new gas spring – the 12-4 gas spring – is now in stock. With a cylinder diameter of just 12mm and a rod diameter of only 4mm, the 12-4 gas spring is designed for crowded spaces requiring optimum lifting ergonomics.

From precision engineering to heavy lifting

The forces of the 12-4 gas spring range from 10N up to 140N. The smallest forces offer stylish lift assist in precision engineering applications, while the gas springs with over 100N are powerful enough to handle heavy items in a very limited installation space.

Customise your 12-4

As with other Lesjöfors industrial gas springs, the 12-4 can be customised according to your needs.  Choose the length and strength, your own colour or logo on the cylinder, customized cushioning, or attachments specially designed for your needs.

Specialist support

Thanks to our dedicated technology support for gas springs, we can always help you with installation advice, calculations of your applications and CAD support on a professional and personal level.

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