Proactive spring development streamlines Haldex Disc Brake product

11/02/2013 In a strategically important project, Lesjöfors has developed a brake pad spring in a lighter, stainless material which also extends the product´s lifespan. Extensive knowledge of materials, high-tech expertise and a proactive approach is behind this success.

Haldex is a global producer of advanced braking and suspension systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Some years ago, Lesjöfors offered a spring to Haldex for use in the brake pads of heavy goods vehicles.

Opportunities for further development

Lesjöfors´ development engineers noted in the process that Haldex´ existing spring system was fully functional but contained a number of aspects which were not optimal. Thanks to the Lesjöfors teams’ experience with high-strength stainless steel materials; opportunities to improve the performance of the spring without changing the cost level were identified. Haldex showed great interest in the further development of the brake pad spring.

Lighter component in cost efficient production

With expert knowledge of various spring materials combined with resources for calculations, testing and prototype development, Lesjöfors´ design engineers were able to develop and refine the design and execution of the spring.  The end result was a stainless steel spring with no costly hardening or surface treatment required. The reduction in material diameter, from 1.8 mm to 1 mm, has resulted in a lighter product.
“The end product was preceded by a development process of about 1.5 years, where we in close cooperation with Haldex continuously tested the spring and finally found our way. We have been able to deliver an ideal solution that exceeded the customer's high demands without changing the cost structure, which we are extremely proud and happy of,” says Marcus Hartvigsson, Technical Manager at Lesjöfors in Värnamo.

A longer lifespan

Not only did the brake pad spring become lighter, it has also been given a longer life. The spring now lives 50 per cent longer than the previous component in carbon steel. The spring went into production last summer, and is now in use in the Haldex product.
“We are delighted about our partnership with Lesjöfors. Thanks to their ideas, knowledge and experience we have been able to improve our disc brake product, which ultimately benefits our end customers both from an environmental and a cost perspective,” says Anders Lindqvist, Project Manager at Haldex.



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